Guiding students toward academic distinction.

I am a graduate of Harvard College, and have Master’s degrees in political science and writing from Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence, respectively.  As a graduate student, I taught international politics at Columbia and writing at Sarah Lawrence. My two daughters, with distinct academic profiles, have gone through the New York City private school system. My elder daughter is a rising junior at Harvard and my younger daughter is a rising senior at Fusion Academy.

United States

I work with students on essay writing in both English and History. There is a good writer, and a better writer yet, within every student. I work at freeing up students from the worries and fears of writing, by demystifying the actual thought process behind writing. I help them construct and write organized and cohesive essays, making the scaffolding and planning needed second nature for the students.  I also work with students on planning and organizational skills time-lines, teaching them to offset last minute scrambling and to reduce stress, leading to independently capable students.


I specialize in helping students from India with their applications for the competitive world of college admissions.


I help students prepare for the competitive application process by guiding students in the process.

Helping students work efficiently, reduce stress, achieve distinction, excel


In the challenging environment of New York preparatory schools, even an organized and high-performing student can struggle with juggling the complex demands of heavy workloads as well as extracurricular and athletic activities.  Schools have raised the bar and expect work quality from students at a level previously associated with college.

As a person who navigated the demands of elite universities and as the mother of two students who have faced these issues in New York private schools, I understand the skills needed to be successful.  There is no pre-set tutoring formula: Different students require different approaches. The ultimate goal of my work with all students is to build the capacity to be good writers, to focus and to organize, leading to improved effectiveness and reduced stress.

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